Is Gray the New Look?


Hampton Gray and Cool White are the old standby colors that many modular manufacturers and lessors / sellers go back to for two reasons: they’re easy to find and it they’re cheap. Hampton Gray, Cool White, and a smattering of other colors – Calcutta Tan and Looma Beige have been around for ages and have served their purpose well. But are they past their prime? Is change in the air? EZ Systems feels it is time for a change.

Change is never easy, no matter what the reason. But sometimes, things go out of style, or become more difficult to source, or maybe it’s just time. Sourcing several vinyl colors is becoming a bit of a challenge; demand is off, resulting in reduced or eliminated production. Calcutta Tan is an example of this. While some suppliers still have ample inventory on hand, others are running out. Even as their demand is waining, it is still there and customers still need to be serviced. Buying from sister companies or competitors who have inventory works in the short term, but isn’t a solid resolution. Sooner or later, inventory as a whole will cease to exist. Cost of shipping those resources from point A to point B is costly, too.

Inconsistencies in colors and patterns can become an issue, too. Dye lots vary from batch to batch, just like in carpeting, paint, and stains. One manufacturers Cool White is likely to be similar, but not quite an exact match to another. One Hampton Gray may have a horizontal pattern, another vertical. These nuances affect quality and ambiance.

Doors are another issue. Are two types of oak and three types of dark walnut practical?


What if all these variables were taken out of the equation altogether? What if there were a simple answer that were to provide a stylish, luxurious option for all of these issues all in one package? EZ Systems believes they have the answer to this question. It’s a work that is still in progress, but initial feedback is that we’re on the right track. Working with vendors to develop and provide a new color statement across multiple customer lines, EZ Systems is working to provide this singular answer to all the questions above. We’ve developed a single color scheme that encompasses the entire scope of the wall system that provides a professional, yet luxurious look to the product.

This color is integratable with other color schemes, providing a unique look to your office or classroom space. Note in the photo above, Cool White is on the right and Hampton Gray is on the left. The gray compliments the Hampton Gray and the Cool White, while making the anodized aluminum framework pop against the muted color.

Contact EZ Systems for an estimate for your modular wall systems, whether in a mobile or modular unit, or free standing in your warehouse. We’re able to help.

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