Carpet Bars

The EZ Systems Carpet Bar is a solution designed to seamlessly cover the marriage line in mobile and modular structures. Its purpose is to ensure a smooth and aesthetically pleasing transition, regardless of the flooring materials used.

Installing an EZ Systems Carpet Bar is beneficial in multiple capacities:

  • Cost effective

    a. EZ Systems 2.5” wide carpet bar is a cost effective alternative to the labor heavy, expensive traditional floor close-ups, involving the removal of old VCT, carpet tile, or roll carpet, then sanding and resurfacing the subfloor, followed by replacing or re-seaming the finished flooring.

    b. Supplying and installing EZ Systems Carpet Bar can be a third of the cost of replacing similar linear footage of underlying flooring.

  • Easy Installation

    a. EZ Systems Carpet Bar is stylish and functional, providing a bridge over all flooring finishes. Unlike carpet bar from big-box stores that has nail holes stamped down the center of the carpet bar, leaving little for the nails to bite into over the marriage line, EZ Systems Carpet Bar is designed with equally spaced nail holes located ¼” in from either side in an alternating pattern.

    b. This alternating nail pattern allows for plenty of solid flooring for nails or screws to ‘bite’ into, holding the carpet bar firmly in place. Care should be taken when installing nails or screws to not install the heads past the surface of the Carpet Bar.

  • Durability

    a. Our carpet bar is Clear Class II anodized, which provides protection to the product while offering a surface that is easy to clean.

    b. EZ Systems Carpet Bar is made with 6063 alloy, also known as Architectural Aluminum, is a commonly used aluminum in applications where the finished product is highly visible, provides aesthetic value, is cost effective, and add structural value to the application, depending on the thickness and temper.

    c. EZ Systems Carpet Bar holds a T6 temper, providing a good surface finish, high resistance to corrosion, and is easy to anodize. It is also well suited to welding. This is an alloy that is well suited to intricate extruding.

  • Easy to replace damaged components

    a. Replacement of EZ Systems Carpet Bar is as simple as using a pry bar to remove the damaged segment, allowing quick reinstallation of a new section. Repairing similar linear footage of a VCT floor is a messy, noisy task that can take hours to complete.

carpet bar

Easy Shipping

EZ Systems carpet bar is shipped in 4” diameter x 12’ long cardboard shipping tubes with five 12’ sticks per tube for each mateline in a 60-foot-long building. Orders can be shipped to your shop or directly to a jobsite.

carpet bar


Our carpet bar can also be cut down lengthwise and utilized as a transition bar from VCT to carpet, vinyl, or other finished floors that have offset levels.

carpet bar
carpet bar
carpet bar

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