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Our History

EZ Systems began in 1992 offering site services to providers of mobile & modular buildings in Oregon and Washington. Services started out as custom onsite finish work, modifications per customers’ needs and repairs. Services expanded to complete set up and tear down of both mobile and modular buildings.

Early on, wall partitioning was a big request and was done with wood framing and covered with vinyl covered sheetrock. Over the years several removable wall systems became available and were used when possible. They proved to be much faster to install and remove or modify and were cost effective. The major problems were on-time availability and design flaws that made installation more difficult than it needed to be.

In 2005, as the demand for walls continued to grow, EZ Systems started manufacturing its own wall system design with many improvements. Since then, many small and large wall installations have been completed to full customer satisfaction. Dealers in several states stock EZ Mod Walls for their own crews to install as needed. EZ Systems is expanding to dealers & contractors in all states who would like to provide their customers a great wall partitioning system.

EZ Systems team
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