EZ Systems began business operations in 1992, offering site services to mobile & modular building providers in Oregon and Washington. Services started out as custom onsite finish work, offering modifications per customers’ needs and on-site repairs. Services expanded to offer complete set up and tear down of both mobile and modular buildings. Early on, wall partitioning was a big request and was done with wood framing, finished with vinyl covered sheetrock. Over the years several more efficient, modular, removable, wall systems became available and were used when possible. They proved to be much faster to install, remove or modify, and were vastly more cost effective. The major problems were consistent on-time availability and design flaws that made installation more difficult than it needed to be.

In 2005 as the demand for customized walls continued to grow, EZ Systems started designing and manufacturing its own customizable wall systems that provided much more flexibility in design and installation – and proved to be more cost effective for EZ’s customers. In the time since EZ started their in-house design and manufacturing process, they have successfully completed numerous projects of all sizes, with complete customer satisfaction.

Business was expanding, and EZ Mod Walls found itself successfully marketing their products to dealers in several other states, up until 2008, when the economy took a severe hit. Recognizing that the economic downturn would be a long term recovery, EZ made the decision that focusing in on the local economy and maintaining a stable partnership with customers in the Pacific Northwest would be their recipe for stability and continued success. This commitment to local clients has provided dividends in word-of-mouth organic growth for EZ Systems in the Pacific Northwest. This same commitment to quality, affordable workmanship and professionalism is now providing EZ Systems with new opportunities outside the PNW.

Part of EZ Systems repertoire of engineering requirements that need to be met on every level of modular and mobile installations are meeting the rigid standards of seismic regulations. On several occasions, EZ Systems was asked by clients to provide seismic retrofits for permanent structures in the Portland area. During the course of completing their clients’ requests, EZ Systems recognized a niche market need for foundation seismic retrofits in the tri-county area. In 2014, EZ Systems began researching and developing a new business offering under the EZ banner, for residential foundation seismic retrofitting. Using only the best, most proven-to-be-reliable products on the market, and their years of experience meeting stiff requirements in seismic regulations, EZ expansion into the seismic retrofit market could launch as early as late 2014.

In January, 2015, EZ Systems launched their Seismic division, with a focus on residential structures constructed prior to the 1970’s. Many houses built prior to 1970 were constructed with few, if any, bolts securing the house to the foundation. These homes are at high risk during a seismic event, and it’s where EZ Systems believes they can be of the greatest help for the residents of Portland.