Meet Our Team

Mike Richardson

Mike Richardson, Owner

Mike got into the construction industry shortly after high school in Silverton, OR in 1984. After a short stint in southern California, Mike realized his home is in Oregon and returned in the late 80’s, going to work for a local modular building manufacturing company, Blazer Industries, where he learned his future trade. Seeing a niche market opportunity, Mike struck out on his own in 1992 with the establishment of EZ Systems. Mike handles the estimating and scheduling for all mobile & modular projects, in addition to overseeing all day-to-day operations of the company.

Harlan Richardson

Harlan Richardson

Harlan, Mike’s dad, has been working side-by-side with Mike since the formation of the company in 1992. From swinging a hammer to providing moral support, Harlan has helped make this three-generation company what it is today. Today, Harlan is a fixture at the shop, doing odds & ends, chatting with the crew, or just enjoying retirement.

Larry Pond

Larry Pond, Foreman

A 1983 graduate from Silverton Union High School, Larry and Mike were close friends all through school, forming a bond of trust that they enjoy to this day. The consummate worker and all around good guy, Larry oversees each project to ensure they are completed on time, on budget and to the customer’s satisfaction. Larry’s in-depth knowledge and skills learned on-the-job, have earned him respect throughout the industry and the company alike. Larry joined EZ Systems in 2002.

Bob Murtha

Bob Murtha; Safety & Project Manager, Welcome Ramp Sales

Another Silverton graduate, Bob & Mike became fast friends in grade school and remained friends through high school. Going their separate ways after graduation, they reconnected in 2007. Bob has followed several career paths over the years including over a decade of well-rounded restaurant experience, several years of home construction, and nineteen years in freight transportation. When the opportunity for a new challenge was presented to him by Mike, he jumped at the opportunity to go to join the team at EZ Systems. Bob wears many hats on top of Safety & Project manager, including fleet manager, procurement, and executive go-fer. Bob joined EZ Systems in 2014. With the addition of distributor for Welcome Ramp Systems in Oregon & SW Washington, Bob will be handing all sales and estimates for this new endeavor. As business with Welcome Ramp Systems increases, Bob will hand off other responsibilities to other staff members.

Jeremy Falander

Jeremy Falander, Warehouse Foreman

Jeremy is EZ Systems most tenured employee, joining us in 2001. Jeremy oversees the day-to-day operations in warehousing and manufacturing, ensuring the accuracy of warehouse inventory and outgoing orders. Jeremy is also one of our key flooring installers, with extensive experience in VCT, carpet tile, roll carpet, and linoleum installations.

Calin Murtha

Calin Murtha

Calin is Bob’s son, and initially joined EZ Systems in 2015, learning the ropes while working projects into 2016 when he left to explore other opportunities. Calin rejoined EZ Systems in spring 2017. His ability to learn quickly, fearless demeanor, and keen leadership skills have helped Calin earn the respect of his co-workers and management.

Cameron Richardson

Cameron Richardson

Cameron is Mike’s oldest son, and has grown up around EZ Systems most of his life, and has excellent knowledge of the industry. Cameron also left EZ Systems in 2016 to explore other opportunities, returning in spring 2017. Cameron’s calm-in-the-storm demeanor, extensive experience, and respected quiet leadership skills are a perfect compliment to the team.

*Calin and Cameron co-lead our second crew on sets, tear downs, and repairs. Both are capable leaders in their own right, with individual strengths that complement each other on the job.

Antonio Gonzalez

Antonio Gonzalez

Antonio is our jack-of-all-trades and expert in many of them! Antonio manufactures all of our door components for our demount wall systems, keeping inventory of both the door components and finished products. Antonio is an expert at installing our demount wall systems, ceiling tile installation, door and window construction and installation, decks (both wood and aluminum), and many other special projects. Antonio does a great job of teaching our newer team members the nuances and tricks of the industry. Antonio has been with EZ Systems since 2006.

Brian Falander

Brian Falander

Brian rejoined EZ Systems in 2017 after several years of pursuing other opportunities. Brian is well versed in all facets of setting and tearing down mobile and modular units, operations in the warehouse, and flooring & carpet installations.

Nik Halupowski

Nik Halupowski

Nik joined EZ Systems in 2016, gaining experience as he learns the ins & outs of sets and tear downs. Nik is another workhorse team member willing to take on just about any task.

Ryan Richardson

Ryan Richardson

Ryan, Mike’s youngest son, has also spent much of his life around the mobile / modular business. Ryan is another of our crew members that is well versed in refurbishing older mobile and modular units for future re-use. Ryan has been with EZ Systems since 2015.

Craig Simmons

Craig is the proverbial ‘Go-getter’, always ready and willing to jump in and help whenever and wherever he is needed. Craig is an integral part of day-to-day operations in the warehouse, helping with manufacturing and shipping. Craig is our resident landscape expert and does an excellent job of maintaining the property at our facility. Craig joined EZ Systems in 2015.

Peter Slauson

Peter joined EZ Systems in spring 2017. His lack of industry experience is more than offset by his willingness to take on any task asked of him.

John Reichling

John joined EZ Systems in late 2016. John’s extensive experience in all facets of construction lend themselves well as our in-house mobile / modular refurbishing expert.

Dale Martin

Dale joined EZ Systems in 2015 and is another work-horse member, willing to take on any task. Dale’s easy-going demeanor and good work ethic make him a valued member of the team. Dale also helps Antonio with door manufacturing.

Caleb Thompson

Caleb joined EZ Systems in summer of 2017 as a general laborer. Caleb’s great “Can-Do” attitude and youthful willingness to help wherever and whenever needed is a great asset to the team.

Richard Tyle

Richard is one of our work-horse team members, with experience in all facets of mobile and modular sets and tear downs. Richard first joined EZ Systems in 2007, and after pursuing other opportunities, rejoined EZ Systems in 2014.