Earthquake Safety: Do You Know How To React?

I may be a couple of months behind the times with this, but it is never too late to put a reminder of what we should do during a seismic event – aka an earthquake.  Back in October of 2014, The Great Oregon Shake Out took place here in Oregon in an effort to teach people what they should do when an earthquake hits.  It isn’t a matter of if for those of us in the Pacific Northwest, but when.  And how big.  That second question is a bit moot – we should probably react in the same way regardless – at least to the degree that the trembling earth will allow.  The first question is on everyone’s mind… a degree of anticipation that we don’t let run our lives, but is certainly at the back of our minds on an almost daily basis.

I lived in downtown Portland for a year – being a small town country boy, it was a bit overwhelming at time, but it is something I’m glad I did and was able to check it off my bucket list, without having to add “survived seismic event while living downtown” to the list.  I have to admit, on more than one occasion, I walked the streets looking up at all of the tall buildings wondering which way the would go – if they did – when a major earthquake struck.  I decided early on, that was not a good thought to have running through my head as it might just start dictating how I lived my life.  I would rather be somewhat impulsive in my life, living it with a sentiment of joy and pleasure, than in fear.  I miss the downtown lifestyle, but am enjoying living in the suburbs again – almost far enough out to claim a rural life.

Regardless of where I live now, I still need to keep back in the deep dark recesses of my mind, that someday – possibly within my lifetime, we’re going to experience another seismic event of a scale that could result in a great deal of damage.  Knowing how to react instead of letting survival instincts get thrown out the window and running around like Chicken Little may just save my life.

That being said, here is the link to the Great Oregon Shake Out ( with loads of information on what we should do and how we should react when that big one – or small one – finally does hit.  Better to be prepared than not, I say.

Until next time – have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  Cheers to 2015!

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