Vigor Seattle

EZ Systems was contracted to remove the ten units that comprised this office building at the Vigor facility at their docks in Seattle in March of 2015. This was one of the most challenging projects EZ Systems has taken to date. The ten units had to be lifted in place, then rolled, one at a time, over one hundred feet, where they were craned onto an awaiting barge. Each unit was secured in place on the barge for ocean transport by EZ Systems.

In addition, during the removal process, the elaborate interior wall system was removed and stored in shipping containers, to be shipped with the units.

The units were supported by several thousand concrete masonry units (CMU’s) that were individually hand loaded onto pallets and shrink wrapped. The CMU’s where then trucked via flatbed to their new location in Portland.

All of the cross hatch seismic securement devices had to be removed, and the stakes ground to grade level, leaving little to no trace of the structure.

The entire tear down project from time of arrival to departure was completed in just one week.

The ten units were all moved to Portland and reinstalled at the Portland Vigor facility. The interior walls were all reinstalled in their previous locations. EZ Systems installed a new kitchen and sound proof meeting room within the facility. The installation of the ten units at the Portland Vigor facility took two weeks from the time of arrival to completion.