Seneca Saw Mill Eugene OR

The Seneca sawmill was a triple wide modular installation over grade set concrete footings with variable height cripple walls. These units are lifted off a specialized trailer using crank jacks, then rolled into place using crib stacks and beams supporting rolling pans, bottle jacks, and spreader bars.

This is a task that requires complete teamwork and attention to detail. To avoid any confusion, one person leads the entire team through the process, from the time the truck first arrives with the unit, to the time the unit is lowered into place.

The units are then bolted together at the marriage lines (one in the ceiling and one in the floor). Special foam tubing is placed between the buildings during the set process, that effectively seals the space between the units. When the units are bolted together, the foam tubing is compressed and creates an airtight seal.

Each installation meets current seismic standards for the state they are being installed in, as well as all current building codes for manufactured structures.