PCC Newberg

The Portland Community College Campus in Newberg, OR required some major renovations, that meant the school had to be moved into temporary buildings for the duration. EZ Systems was contracted to install four double wide mobile structures for to be used as classrooms during the renovation process. Each unit was leveled and secured to task specific steel piers, then finished with cross hatch seismic strapping to meet seismic protection codes.

In addition, a twelve foot wide, 120 foot long deck was built to tie all of the buildings together with an approved ADA ramp to the sidewalk. The deck was constructed with three hundred permanent concrete footings to support it and the high volume of students of the during the renovation. The surface of the deck was coated with durable latex paint and silica sand for grip.

These units and the deck were all removed in their entirety six months later upon the completion of the renovation.