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EZ Systems began business operations in 1992, providing onsite repair and finish services to mobile & modular building providers in Oregon and Washington. Over time, those services expanded to include custom interior and exterior modifications to meet the client’s specifications and needs. Early on, wall partitioning was a big request. At the time, building stud walls and finishing them with vinyl wrapped sheetrock was about the only way to make these partition walls. Eventually, several more efficient, modular, and removable wall systems became available and were used when possible. They proved to be much faster to install, remove or modify, and were vastly more cost effective. The major problems were consistent on-time availability and design flaws that made installation more difficult than it needed to be.

As customized demands continued to become more prevalent, our services expanded to include complete set up and tear down of both mobile and modular buildings. This new service, paired with customized wall, door, and window modifications and layouts, gave EZ Systems the ability to provide a complete service to our clients, and in turn, their clients.

In 2005 as the demand for customized walls continued to grow, EZ Systems started designing and manufacturing our own customizable wall systems, marketed as EZ Mod Walls, that provided much more flexibility in design and installation – and proved to be even more cost effective for our customers. In the time since EZ Systems started our in-house wall manufacturing process, we have successfully completed numerous projects of all sizes and complexities, with complete customer satisfaction.

Business was expanding, and EZ Mod Walls was successfully marketing our products to dealers outside the Pacific Northwest, up until the Great Recession of 2008. Recognizing that the economic downturn would be a long-term recovery, we made the decision that focusing in on the local economy and maintaining a stable partnership with customers in the Pacific Northwest would be the recipe for stability and continued success. Since then, as the economy has recovered, this commitment to local clients has paid dividends in word-of-mouth organic growth throughout the Pacific Northwest for EZ Systems.

From small, temporary units to high profile multi-unit structures, EZ Systems has the experience, knowledge, and professional staff to get the job done.

EZ Systems has been able to keep growing our company as the economy continues to recover, expanding our crews and our fleet to help meet demand. EZ Systems is looking to the future and exploring ways to broaden our footprint in the industry. Diversity will equal stability in the future, and expanding on that ideology now will be the recipe for continued success through future challenges.

No project is too small. From a single wide mobile unit at a temporary location to permanently installed multiple unit structures on high profile / high visibility global campuses, EZ Systems has the experience, knowledgeable and professional staff to get the job done.

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