Modular Structures

EZ Systems offers complete mobile and modular building set up and relocation services in Oregon and Washington. The most common buildings are re-locatable school classrooms, commercial office space, on site crew buildings at mills, construction job sites, and temporary shared storage / office structures. Some buildings may be relocated more than a dozen times over the course of their lifetime. Building sizes vary from single wide, one level structures to multiple width structures with two or more stories.

Custom factory built permanent buildings are very popular offering a faster onsite project completion. We offer set up and complete new manufactured buildings offering all of the on-site services to complete the building. The set up will vary depending on the client’s needs, the location, the duration of the set, and the use of the structure. A set up may involve the structure being located on temporary cinder blocks or a permanent concrete foundation. The interior finishing could include installation of interior walls, doors, and cabinets. We work with the client and their sub-contractors to the completion of electrical, mechanical, and plumbing to the completion of each building. We also complete the exterior finish work, skirting the building(s), porches, decks and ADA ramps. Other services include full restoration and remodels.

EZ Systems manufactures their own interior modular walls with core and finish options to meet the client’s needs. Construction choices are either a foam or corrugated cardboard cores. Walls can be finished with luaun, sheet rock, or vinyl.

Modular building are built differently from stick built buildings structures. Modular buildings are usually constructed in-doors, over a steel frame, with teams of craftsmen working over each structure at any one time, along an assembly line, starting out as a bare frame, emerging as a completed structure, based on the client’s needs.

EZ Systems owner, Mike Richardson, and crew lead-man, Larry Pond, having both worked many years in all phases of production at Blazer Industries, a well-known quality modular builder, are very well versed in modular construction and completion. We can offer to the point project options, competitive quotes and quick project completions. Quality. Professional. EZ Systems.